Jenni Terp Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jenni Terp Photography (Jenni Terp Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Jenni Terp Photography: Blog 120 80 Portraits of a Lusitano stallion This is "Fandi do Monte Negro" - a cremello lusitano stallion.  After he strutted his stuff in the arena for us, he stood quietly to have his portrait taken in the barn isle.  Such a sweetheart this one was.  He loved the pets and attention.  I love making portraits.  As exciting and expressive as these horses are in motion, they is still so beautiful when they are just quiet and still.  This horse reminded me of a character from a fairy tale.  


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Stallions Most of the horses I photographed in Portugal were stallions.  This was a unique opportunity.  Stallions are full of drama and thus, provided some incredibly dramatic photographs.  Until now, I had not interacted with stallions much at all, only having been warned of their antics - biting and kicking in particular.  

Most shoots were done at farms that were home to some prized Lusitano stallions.  One by one each stallion would be turned loose in an arena where he would perform his "moves" as one or two handlers encouraged him to show off.  Each horse seemed to have his own signature style.  Some would head toss, others would strike, buck, leap, kick out, rear... Each horse showing an incredible display of athleticism and strength.  Some were more expressive than others, but no one failed to put on a show.  As is usually the case in life, the drama eventually would die down.  At this point the horse would look to his handlers, ears pricked forward, lower his head and request to connect with his person.  

I didn't expect stallions to exhibit so many of the same endearing traits as the geldings and mares I have known.  I am familiar with this request for connection, as well as the deep sigh and soft blinking eye that comes with it.  Despite their size and power, they were just as willing to follow the requests of the human sharing their space - to yield to a subtle cue and move when and where they were asked.  They seemed just as unaware of their ability to easily take control of a being so much weaker and smaller then they... or perhaps aware, but willing to interact with us instead.  

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To Portugal!!! for horses, photography and friends... So.... I just returned from a wonderful adventure to Portugal with photographer Tony Stromberg.  Met and worked with some awesome photographers/new friends from near and far and had some special opportunities to practice photography with beautiful horses at amazing venues.  Sorting through my new treasure trove of images I'm taking stock of the kernels of wisdom and ah-ha moments that came with them.  And I'm thinking, this is good blog material!!!  


Here is an image to kick off a series of blog entries from Portugal.  Stay tuned!!!  

Lusitano Stallion at Coudelaria Vila Vicosa

Check out Tony Stromberg's workshops!  



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Savannah sets sail... My one and only Savannah officially flies away from my nest today.  It will be a coming and going thing.  I have to believe that, or it would be too much, all at once.  This intense, sweet and gentle soul has traveled an, at times, exquisitely painful path through her young adulthood.  Her courage in the face of horror, her emotional strength and her capacity for forgiveness, have amazed and inspired me.  The scars of her wounds have not diminished her.  Her beautiful self is all enveloping.  Her creativity, spellbinding.  She is at once crumbling and strong, tender and vulnerable and forging ahead.  

Savannah taught me from the beginning, to love someone you must be with them in the sadness - without attempting to distract from it or vanquish it.  To hold another person, and simply allow them feel their agony - to feel the things they must feel, is perhaps the most difficult part of loving someone, especially your own child.  

I love this child with all my heart.  I am honored to share this lifetime with her.  I will be her champion for all of her life.  

For now I wrap a blanket of my love and protection, never-ending, around her and send her on her way. 

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Saying good bye In the last three days we've had to say good bye to two precious members of our family.  

Mona passed away on Saturday while I was at work - suddenly and unexpectedly.  It's hard to say if a loss is harder when it comes as such a shock, but losing Mona feels almost unbearable.  She has been the tiniest dog in our herd and undoubtedly the hugest personality.  She was a great ambassador for her breed and even people who did not like Chihuahuas were instantly enamored with Mona.  She loved and trusted EVERYONE - including any stranger that came knocking on the door.  She loved to play with her fellow chihuahuas and she knew how to keep the big dogs in line. In no uncertain terms she reminded them not to step on her and NOT to steal her food.  Too small to jump up on the couch or bed, she was very adept at communicating what she needed with little woofs.  If she came in a room and woofed at you, you were to get up and follow and she would lead you to the door to be let out, or the couch to be lifted onto, or the food bowl, ready for snacks... or maybe she was just desiring a little love and attention.  She was eight years old.


Kima had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  It was my hope that with meds and TLC she would rally for a while - and we did get to take some walks and spend extra time together these last two weeks.  But unfortunately she declined these last couple of days.  I have often referred to Kima as the best dog in the world.  She really, really was.  Incredibly smart, inherently obedient and very beautiful.  She was the momma dog to a gorgeous litter of Aussie puppies that have brightened the hearts and homes of their owners.  Several years ago she assigned herself Savannah's personal guardian angel and has since followed her everywhere - keeping track of her and offering her friendship and comfort as needed, non stop.  I have to say this dog helped me raise my beautiful daughter.  From the time she was a puppy I never had to "try" to train her.  She figured out what I wanted before I found a way to ask, sometimes even interrupting cat fights before they could get started.  She covered every horse trail on Vashon with Sauvie and I - at our heels.  She was a friend to all dogs, people and animals and even got along with and brought out the best, in the prickliest of the bunch.  Kima was twelve years old.

0910913/18 7:15pm Lisabeula/ Kima ©JenniTerp

I wish I could take Kima for a ride with me now on this sunny afternoon.  And I wish little Mona were here demanding some affection.  Our house feels suddenly very empty and it's hard to imagine it being filled up again like these two filled it.  I have been very lucky to have these two angels as companions.  And for now, am just heart broken.  

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Oh Baby Claire! Oh Baby Claire - could you get ANY cuter?!  The most sweet and smiley girl - starting to walk, baby teeth smile, loves to splash in the water, everything goes into the mouth - of course!!  Thank you Laurie Miller for sharing your adorable little family unit with me the other afternoon.  Lots of memories for me of having a toddler, and what sweet days those were.  

Here, she sees her Daddy...

I know I'm posting a lot of photos here... too much cuteness to choose less...


Happy Birthday Baby Claire!

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Audrey and Ineke

It's hard for me to pick just a couple photos of this dynamic duo for my blog entry!  I had the opportunity to photograph Audrey and Ineke outside of the indoor arena the other day!  They were shooting a promotional video and I was lucky enough to tag along and get some photos of these two lovelies all fancied up and strutting their stuff.  They are just back from taking first place in third level - test three at Donida Farm's recognized dressage show.  Go Audrey and Ineke!!!  



You can see more photos of Audrey and Ineke in their photo gallery, accessible from the home page, under horse show galleries.  

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Izzi In memory of Izzi, AKC CH Country-Ways Sun kissed.  Kim, I am certain, she has not left your side.  Thank you for giving her the best, fullest life she possibly could have had.  I wish so much that she could have stayed longer.  


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The S-Curves.....yesssssss The S-Curves!!!




My talented sister, Stephanie Murray, was a celebrated actress in Portland, Oregon before she moved to Vashon.  She is the one of my four sisters that fell in love enough with this island to pick up and move here with her husband, Marshall Murray, several years ago now.  Being the avid thespians they are, Steph and Marshall had planned to investigate the Seattle theatre scene when they relocated.  I think it was hard for them to believe that a quaint little community like Vashon could have a truly thriving and uber talented community of actors and artists.  LITTLE DID THEY KNOW!  Once they dipped a toe in the vashon artist community waters they discovered what a treasure we have here.  

And Vashon has been very lucky to have them. 

Most recently, Stephanie has joined forces with Arlette Moody and Elaine Ott to form the vocal trio called "The S-Curves."  I have heard them perform.  All three women are beautiful vocalists and together their blended voices are nothing short of EXQUISITE!  At this point you may be questioning my ability to be unbiased.  Yes, that is a logical question.  You'll just have to come see them for yourselves.  And if you have seen them perform before you can leave a review here in my comments!  It was my pleasure to photograph these gals for upcoming summer event publicity.  Here are a few photos from our recent photo shoot outing.  








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A lot has been happening, and I have a few entries to make.  But thought I would start here, with a baby, to celebrate Spring.  This little one is living in a corner field with his mom, just down the street.  I couldn't resist snapping some photos of him as soon as I saw him.  At first it was hard to get him more than an arms length away.  He was intensely curious and playful and wanted me to scratch him all over.  Eventually he would wander away from me to check in with mom, then come bombing back my way to demand more butt scratches.  This was the game he created - approach and retreat.  Snuggle, run jump, kick and sprint.  All legs.  Velveteen fur, adorable little horse nose... sweet little foal.

See the rest of my photos of this foal linked to my equine page... 

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Jen and Tano... and Jem I love shooting photos with Jen...  Because she's my friend, and she's beautiful and because we have fun.  As my coach, Jen supports me in imagining my dreams as my reality.  And it doesn't stop at imagining, but continues forward as doing and becoming, risking and experiencing.  In the doing, comes inspiration.  Living in inspiration, time slows, and life becomes a moment to moment experience.   

Thanks Jen!





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Something about light equates energy and motivation. This time of year as the sun rises and sets low on the horizon, I would like to curl up like a little woodland animal and sleep in a warm nest.  The light wanes at 4:30pm, and my energy wanes with it.  This year I gave myself an assignment to photograph "light" during the winter months.  I had planned to get some shots of the solstice luminaries that are set up on Vashon every year.  However, this year they didn't go up.  Maybe next year.  I did try my hand at shooting long exposures of burning steel wool on a couple of dry evenings.  It took a few tries to get it right, but in the end we got some fun images.   

Thanks Savannah and Tascho for helping make these photos!  

Happy Solstice!  

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I had the privilege of photographing a friend's baby girls yesterday.  It was their first birthday (twins.)  Having been a mother for 29 years, and an OB nurse for 26 years, babies have been a part of my every day for most of my life.   I am a fortunate person that way.

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Jen, Kristine and Fran

I had the pleasure of photographing Fran Mechura, Kristine Dahms and Jen Verharen on a very brisk, breezy and sunny morning on Tuesday.  A wind storm had knocked out the power earlier that morning, so I found it pretty easy to abandon any chores at home, go grab a hot coffee and enjoy the sunshine. The very bright winter light in the outdoor arena and the dark conditions in the covered arena were both fun challenges to try out the limits of my camera to the best of my current ability.  It was an all around inspiring experience to listen to Jen teach and watch Kristine and Fran work and play with their beautiful equine partners.  

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My father The day I said good bye I told him "I love you" but he couldn't say it back anymore.  His eyes squeezed a little more tightly closed.  And I wondered if he was trying to say I love you too.  Then, I knew, his eyes would not be opening again to look back at me.  I held his hand and knew he wouldn't be squeezing it back three times - which meant "I love you."

I'm not sure if my dad is still with me now.  I want to believe he is.  If I were comforting a friend I would tell them that undoubtedly their loved one will be with them always.  I will be looking for signs, waiting for a dream or some message from him - that he is OK now.  

A pair of coyotes lives in the wetlands behind my parent's home.  We watched them come and go out the bedroom window while we held vigil by my dad's side.  We speculated the coyotes might have been there to help usher him to the next world.  I am sure my dad appreciated their presence.  He was a lover of all creatures.  I am sure he would have taken an interest in the photos I took of them.  He was always proud of my every endeavor and creation.  

I love you dad.  I'm holding you in my heart forever.

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Sauvie This is good bye to Sauvie.  He passed away a few weeks ago and I have been delaying writing this passage. This is the last photo I took of him.  

Thank you Sauvie.  You were the embodiment of my childhood dream come true.  With you I met my best friends, went on countless adventures, galloped across fields and swam in the ocean.  You carried me through sad times and lightened my heart.  I wish our time together was not over yet.  I would like to see you now when I walk out into the darkness - always easy to spot in the night, glowing white.  And if I walked out now you would come to check on me and see what I was up to.  I wish I could give you another hug and rub your neck like you liked so much.  I wish I could take another photo with you.  That we could go on one more ride.  For one more canter.  Good bye my sweet sweet friend.  Twenty nine years was not long enough.

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Shoot to Show 2014 Just finished the submission of photos to the Ray Pfortner Shoot to Show class on Vashon for 2014.  The show will open at Vashon's Hardware Store restaurant July 11th.  The theme was trees.  I will be adding some of my favorite tree photos from this assignment to the Vashon gallery.  I managed to shoot some photos of Sauvie with the tree theme.   This is a special accomplishment for me as Sauvie turns 29 this year and has had some health issues.  I believe this will likely be his last summer with me.  This assignment gave me the impetus to take him out to the forest for the first time in a long time and photograph him.  He still loves an adventure and was so happy to be the chosen horse to go do some work, literally dragging me through Dockton forest (I at the end of the leadline, him leading, with camera and equipment in hand.)   I am always amazed at the complexity of the animal personalities in my family.  You can't just say one is submissive and shy, another bold and outgoing.  They all have quite diverse personalities.  This is true of Sauvie... who is bold and fearless, yet the most submissive horse in the herd.  He still likes to pester and pick a play fight with the other horses, just to interact.  When I am bringing him his food he will nicker, paw the ground, and most recently even squeals a little - ears pinned, but as soon as I get close enough his ears are forward, and eye soft.  He will step on your foot.  He will not buck or rear.  A truck booming past will not phase him..   You can canter him on the roadside or across an open field.  Llamas however.... yeah, you no longer exist and he is running for his life.  As he has gotten older he has become more attached to me and will follow me all around the yard as I do my chores.  I love this horse.

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December weather Did a shoot of a friend's horse yesterday eve and today.  I was wishing it wasn't so dang cold and, today, rainy.  While sunny days may not be considered ideal lighting, I love the long shadows this time of year, when the sun comes out.  Nevertheless, tis the season, and I had a Christmas gift to create.  Opening the gate to the paddock, I was reminded that every season is truly beautiful.  the fog and gray, even the rain are exquisitely gorgeous in a picture.  The hard part is being comfortable and having fun OUT IN IT.  At which point, I closed the gate, went back to my car and left to get my thermal carhart overalls, a better coat and a hot cup of coffee from Minglement.  In the end I got some images I liked.  I hope she likes them too!  You can see them in the equine section of my site - the last several are of Catalina "Cat" an adorable tri-colored Welsh cross.  Perhaps the biggest challenge was getting her far enough out of my pocket to get a photo.  She just wanted to snuggle and look for treats <3


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Auction Check out this benefit auction for Christopher Connell - Seattleite, bicyclist and all around awesome person, who was in a bad bicycle crash in August.  The auction will help pay his medical bills.  I am offering up to five digital art prints to be bid on!  Hope to see you there!

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